February 2018 News

At New Era we pride ourselves on the gear we are selling. Our gloves & shin pads are some of the finest on the market and we promise you will feel the quality immediately! If you haven’t been rocking some of our merch not only in the gym, but outside of it as well, please do so. Showing off our gear to your friends & family is great exposure for our gym. Most importantly, seeing our members wearing our gear proudly puts a smile on our faces.


FEBRUARY 17: Recent fighter activities. Congratulations to all fighters who have recently competed including; Cooper Brindle and Matthew Hiebert. Cooper “Poster Boy” Brindle kept his undefeated record in tact as he came out victorious in Orillia, Ontario.

MARCH 3: Jordan Bosley & Andre Larocque will be competing in the Sub-X Grappling event on Saturday March 3rd at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Good luck to Jordan & Andre.

MARCH 16: TKO 42 in Montreal which will feature 3 New Era competitors; Matar “The Mantis” LoMateo “Carrapato” Vogel and Alex O’Neil. These 3 have put in countless days of preparation and are ready to shine on the big stage. This is a can’t miss event! Stay tuned for info on a potential bus ride being organized to and from the fights.

MARCH 18: There is also a SAU Jiu-Jitsu event at La Cite Collegiale on March 18th! Talk to Professor Peter for further details.

Referral Contest

Our referral contest was a hit, although hopefully next time we get even more people involved! Our goal with this contest is to really expose our brand to people who have yet to see it in person! It is easy for somebody to see our pictures or videos online, but it is different for them to walk through our doors. We feel like our product is so special that once people step in our doors, the rest takes care of itself. Congratulations to Kayla D’Angelo who was the lucky recipient of a $250 New Era gift card!


Jimmy Tokaryk

Jimmy Tokaryk

Our member of the month for February is Jimmy Tokaryk. Jimmy joined New Era on February 1st and we couldn’t be happier! He has worked extremely hard on his Jiu-Jitsu in the gym the past month and it has shown. He has been in the gym twice a day most days and is getting prepared to compete in the near future! He is always positive and loves training with all his peers. He will be a big part of New Era BJJ in the future and we are ecstatic to have Jimmy around. Keep up the good work Jimmy!

10-Week Fight Camp

Hopefully everybody who is involved in our 10 Week Fight Camp is progressing nicely. We are soon finishing up week 9! Only a week left so now is the time to really grind! Let us know if there is anything we can help with to complete your goals.


“Keep your hands up! Would you rather have your hands on your face or someone else’s?”

In BJJ, if you’re not attacking, you’re defending. If you’re defending, you’re losing. It is important to constantly look for offense whenever possible.”