September 2018 News

The highlight (or lowlight) of September seemed to be the devastating Ottawa/Gatineau “tornado” back on the 21st. Our Camelot location held our first ever (and hopefully only) “Muay Thai & BJJ in the dark” classes. Luckily we restored power after 36 or so hours. Hopefully everybody wasn’t impacted too significantly by this crazy storm. Thank you to all who donated to our KISS FM food drive to help those impacted. In this edition of our newsletter we will go over some new things we will be implementing as a gym and some exciting upcoming events/shows. Hopefully this new layout of the newsletter treats everybody well! Let’s get into it…


OCT 5: We are just a few days away from our first PA Day Camp at New Era Kanta! If you are still stuck looking for care on this day please let us know! We have a fun day planned and will be sure to take great care of the young ones.

OCT 6: Syd “The Jewel” Vanderpool will be visiting New Era Camelot this Saturday for 2 boxing seminars! This is going to be worth it for any Boxing/Muay Thai/MMA student and should be a must attend for competitors. Syd is the boxing coach for our very own Rob Thomas and has fought some of the world’s best. He knows his stuff! Starting the day off at 11am with a beginners seminar and closing out the day with a 1pm advanced seminar. Both will be beneficial!

OCT 13: Regan Gowing will be competing in a Muay Thai event in Pleasanton, California. “Triumphant 5” features some extremely high level fighters. Regan will be looking to pick up a win against an opponent up a weight class. Sponsorship options are still available to help cover some of her costly expenses. Good luck in the USA!

OCT 19: The 2018 Muay Thai Nationals in Markham, Ontario take place. Good luck to all competing! If you have any further questions about this, please talk to Kru Jeff.

OCT 20: At La Cite Collegiale is the Ottawa BJJ Open. As of right now we have 10 competitors registered. Good luck to all students!

Ladies-Only Kickboxing

Starting Friday October 12th, Kru Jeff and company will be starting a 12-week ladies-only kickboxing camp. Tuesdays & Fridays from 11am – 11:45am in Kanata, we will be opening our doors to any female looking to join our squad and learn. Whether it be for self defense, to lose weight, to get ready for a fight, or something totally unrelated, this will be a blast! If you have any female friends or colleagues please refer them to us for details on this program. This class will be offered at no additional cost for members of our Muay Thai, Family, and All-Inclusive plans.


The Quirt Family

The Quirt Family

Instead of naming just one individual for October’s edition of our member of the month, we have decided to name an entire family! Kevin, Wendy, Alex, Tristan, and Amber are all some of the most dedicated, inspiring, and all-around nice people we have came across here at New Era. Constantly striving to improve every day and gain confidence for their everyday lives. Alex, Tristan, and Amber have rarely missed a day of our kids classes and were some of our first full-time students in our Kanata Kids Program. Wendy is often seen in our KinetiX fitness class and is a long-time BJJ practitioner. Families like the Quirt’s put smiles on everybody’s faces! Congratulations.

after school program


We are just over 6 weeks out from New Era’s first ever live Muay Thai show. We are in the process of putting together a fight card for the ages. We promise to put on the best show of 2018 and if you haven’t yet purchased seats/tables/sponsorships, now is the time. Talk to somebody at either of our locations or contact Kru Jeff, Tracy, or Chris. They are going to be very hot commodities in the coming weeks. If you think our facilities are nice, just wait until you see what we have in store for November 24th at Lansdowne Park! General admission tickets are available online, see the link below.

Purchase Tickets Here:


“Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man” – Miyamoto Musashi


“In brazilian jiu jitsu one of the most common reason people quit is due to injury. It’s not just your responsibility to protect yourself but protect your training partners as well. Without your teammates there is no team to train with. Train hard, train safe and tap when your caught!”