December 2018 News

December at New Era brought holiday spirit, new faces, and the closing of a great 2018! Hopefully you all completed your 2018 goals and now is the time to set some new goals for a new year. As for New Era, 2019 will be the biggest year yet! We have already set our own goals as a business and we will work hard each and every day to make sure we complete them. Some exciting things up ahead!


DEC 7: Mateo “Carrapato” Vogel continued on his war path to the top of the TKO bantamweight division. Making quick work of a dangerous opponent, Mateo earned his 3rd straight submission victory. Keep an eye out for New Era fighters to make more TKO appearances in 2019!

JAN 26: SAU Grappling Tournament visits Hawkesbury, ON. Please speak to Peter and get registered ASAP!

FEB 9: Sub-X Select Tournament @ Lansdowne Park. Look for a few New Era athletes to be on this card! Talk to Pete for more deets!

JAN – MAR: Fill our a 10-week fight camp 2.0 form to get involved in New Era’s hottest 2019 program! This program focuses on setting goals and staying accountable to attain those goals! Talk to the front desk or your instructor/trainer for more details. Free for all members!

Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinshai

The legendary master Burklerk will be visiting New Era Combat Sports on stop #1 of his Canadian tour. Not only does he have one of the best Muay Thai records of all time, but our roots as a gym are tied directly and closely to Burklerk. He is what inspires our Muay Thai Program as a whole! This seminar will be at the Kanata location from 12pm-3pm on Saturday, January 19th. Early bird pricing is available until January 13th, 2019. Please attend this seminar if you can, it will be worth every penny!


Adam Bridle

Our member of the month for December is Adam Bridle! Adam has been one of Professor Peter’s brightest shining stars in 2018. Adam made the switch over to the New Era team in April of 2018. He is constantly in the gym improving his skill set and it shows on the competition mats. Adam has been winning gold medals in his division since the change to New Eraand Peter is excited for what the future holds. Not only is he a fierce & skilled competitor, but Adam is the definition of a team player. He helps new students regularly and even takes it upon himself to help photograph & videotape all of our BJJ competitions (even while injured)! Adam has also brought in friends to share with them his passion and they have stuck to it like glue! Great work Adam, and we couldn’t be happier to have you on our team!  

after school program

New Era Athletics Department

With 2019 now here, we will be rolling out our brand new athletic department. Whether you are interested in personal training to lose weight, get stronger, or to gain an athletic edge, this is for you! We will be offering a variety of personal trainers who all specialize in different areas! To go along with more personal trainers, we will also be offering more KinetiX Fitness classes. Starting on January 4th we will be offering 7:30AM KinetiX classes on Mondays & Fridays at both locations!! Make sure to follow the New Era Athletic Dept on social media for constant updates & news!


“The best way to do something, is to DO IT.”


 “Look at Jiu-Jitsu like a game or puzzle. It requires strategy. Getting stronger won’t change your jiu-jitsu if there is no technique to begin with. Use strength & conditioning to compliment your technique.”