January 2019 News

January 2019 was a busier month as most January’s tend to be. Hopefully all of your New Year’s resolutions are off to a good start! If you need the extra motivation, we are here to help. Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge or just improve your basic fitness levels, we pride ourselves on being masters of our craft. We have a team that is knowledgeable in many facets of life & sport. All you have to do is ask! Now that the month is over, let’s look at what we have gotten up to & what we have in store for the next little while!


JAN 26: SAU Grappling Tournament took place in Hawkesbury, ON. New Era/Tererre BJJ had a number of competitors take home medals. Congrats to all! Professor Peter is creating a team of skilled, powerful & aggressive athletes. It is only a matter of time before we are the top team in Ottawa. Get out of your comfort zone and compete! 

FEB 9: Sub-X Select Tournament @ Lansdowne Park is just around the corner. There are a handful of New Era participants registered, so be there if you can to show support!

FEB 23: Art of War 3 @ the War Museum. This night of Muay Thai fights will feature 3 New Era fighters. The always exciting duo of Joey Dubeau & Natalie Liberatore will be on the card, as well as heavyweight Christos Georgaras. Also on the same night, Sub-X Grappling will be hosting another event at Sala San Marco. In this event we have 17 year old phenom Jake Geauvreau, pro MMA fighter Alex O’Neil & Isabelle Farley, who is competing in the first ever 4-person Women’s Grand Prix. The Abu Dhabi Pro Trials (UAEJJF) visit La Cite Collegiale on that same day as well! Talk to Peter for details on the prestigious event. Good luck to all who are competing in just a few Saturdays from now!

TKO 46

March 14th, 2019 marks the date of Cole Crossthwaite’s pro MMA debut. Cole has an extensive & impressive amateur MMA record as well as competing in Muay Thai & BJJ since he was a young teen. Now at 22, Cole plans to take the TKO promotion by storm. Make the trip out to Quebec City to see Cole fight MMA under New Era for the 1st time! He is ready!


Andrew Nguyen

Our member of the month for January is Andrew Nguyen. Andrew joined New Era Kanata at the start of the New Year and hasn’t looked back since. Constantly dedicating time to improve his Muay Thai & fitness levels. Andrew picks up on technique quickly and is rapidly improving under the watchful eyes of coaches Rob Thomas & Kru Jeff. Andrew is new to the sport of Muay Thai but takes it all in like a sponge, which truly is a coaches dream! Keep up the good work Andrew and we will be on the lookout for February’s member of the month!

after school program

Live at Lansdowne II


That’s right! April 6th, 2019 we will be having our second event as a promotion company! November 2018 (Live at Lansdowne 1) exceeded our expectations and we are hoping this event is even crazier! Sponsorship opportunities & table reservations are now available for those interested! Please email jeff@neweracombat.com for details and keep up to date on when VIP, general admission tickets & fight announcements are posted. See you there!


“Pushing through barriers of impossibility keeps you motivated. The time & effort it takes to break through said barrier keeps you humble.”


“In BJJ, don’t focus on the belts. Enjoy every moment along the way. Do it for the love of training.”