March 2019 News

March marks the end of winter (finally) and beginning of spring! Woohoo! Nicer weather means a little bit of outdoor training starting to be incorporated. April is going to be a crazy time of the year so let’s get into it! See you all on the mats!


MAR 22: New Era’s 1st ever in-house party was off the hook! Thank you to all who attended. I know I had a whole lot of fun, and hope you all did as well! Great food, great matches, and great people!

APR 11: TKO 47 in Montreal, Quebec featured our Swiss friend Bertin “Silverback” Descloux. What a warrior he is. Unfortunately he came out on the wrong side of a decision, but he fought hard and you can’t knock that. Good work Bertin!

APR 27: Guards Players Open 1st ever event is just down the road from our Camelot location. BJJ Tournaments don’t get more local than this one! Talk to Professor Peter about details on this inaugural tournament.

MAY 4-5: Ontario Open BJJ Tournament in Toronto, ON. Talk to Professor Peter for details on this event. There will likely be a team carpool/overnight arrangement!

MAY 18: Mirza the “Bosnian Bomber” Hopovac makes his return to Kedgewick, New Brusnwick…but this time for MMA! That’s right, his pro MMA debut! This has been a long time coming for Mirza and it is going to be dangerous to see his power in 4 ounce gloves!

MAY 24-25: Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Championships in Toronto, ON. Get registered in preparation for this awesome Canadian Muay Thai event. Kru Jeff will be leading a squad out to TO so get signed up ASAP!

Live at Lansdowne II

What a party! Thank you to all who were in attendance for our second edition of “Live at Lansdowne”. Amazing fights, amazing crowds, and amazing vibes. See you all for our 3rd show in the fall!


Adnan Ali

Our member of the month for March is Adnan Ali! Adnan joined New Era back in mid-December and has rarely missed a day of training! Adnan commits countless hours a week to training Muay Thai and getting in better shape. He just recently took part in a match at our member party after about 3 months of training! It takes a lot of guts to do that! Adnan not only has an incredible work ethic, but has a very positive and happy outlook on training that is infectious with other members around the gym. You can almost always see a big smile on Adnan’s face! Good work & keep it up!

TKO 48

This amazing card will feature a bunch of local New Era talent! Stay posted for fight news but there are so far 3 confirmed bouts, with more in the works! Mateo Vogel & Alex O’Neil looking to improve their records to 4-0 and Adam Hunter battles Gatineau native Julien Leblanc. Best part about this event….it takes place just across the Ottawa River in Gatineau!! There will definitely be a pack of us making the trip so stay posted for details! Please buy tickets from us.


“We are here to experience growth and change. To attempt to find something better in ourselves through the intensity and beauty of combat. Being a martial artist is a process driven by risk, success and failure. Step up and take a chance. Learn to live!”


“Respect your training partners. Without them you are nothing. Sparring isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about learning & improving. Always finish the round with a shake and fist bump. No hard feelings!”