April 2019 News

April is now behind us and the summer sun is starting to shine! April marked the month of our second live Muay Thai show and other milestones. May & June are going to be busy months so stay tuned for more details on our website/social media and in the gyms!


MAY 4: Ontario Open BJJ Tournament in Oshawa, ON. Professor Peter took a smaller BJJ squad up to the GTA to compete in a very high-level tournament. New Era took home a few medals and competed against some elite competition, so congrats to all!

MAY 24-25: Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Championships in Toronto, ON. Kru Jeff, Kru Dave, and Kru Yuki will be leading a group of Nak Muay to provincial glory! Talk to Kru Jeff for details ASAP on this event as getting signed up is priority #1.

MAY 25: Taylor McClatchie heads to China to test her Muay Thai skills internationally! Taylor has been training harder than ever for this fight and is going to make us proud once again. Good luck Taylor!

JUNE: Stay tuned for details on our 1-year Kanata anniversary sale upcoming! We will have some awesome deals for those who need to renew their memberships!

UFC returns to the Nation’s Capital!

Saturday May 4th, the Ottawa crowd was treated to an exciting night of fights. New Era was lucky enough to be hosting 8-1 (now 9-1) heavyweight Arjan Bhullar of British Columbia in preparation for his fight against Juan Adams of Houston, TX. Arjan and the rest of the Canadians represented MMA in this country well. Heck of a main event as well between fight of the night veterans, Cowboy & Iaquinta!


Tommy Charlton

Tommy joined New Era in October of 2018. 6 months into training Tommy has become one of our most dedicated BJJ practitioners. He constantly puts in the time and rarely misses a technique class! Tommy is like a sponge to Professor Peter, Matt, Mateo & Richard. Tommy recently competed at the Guard Players Open for his 1st ever BJJ tournament (took home bronze) and also took part in our member party BJJ bracket. Congrats to Tommy for being our member of the month for April 2019! 

TKO 48

This will be New Era’s premier MMA event of the year. With tons of fighters lined up to be on this local card, we hope that you can all make it! We have tickets at various price ranges to best suit your viewing needs. Talk to Kru Jeff for more details on tickets! This card not only features some of our best talent, but it features 3 extremely high-level title fights (as shown on poster) as well as other big Canadian names. Can’t miss MMA event of 2019..


“Use self talk to change hard times into excitement and perform BETTER!”


“Regardless of your training partner, always try to practice perfect technique when rolling. You don’t need to try to hurt people or use full power when training with new or smaller partners. You should always practice precise & proper technique when sparring.”