August 2019 News

August typically means the last push for summer activities and vacations before school and winter start to dawn! We have lots going on and the summer of 2019 was definitely a busy time. Follow along!


AUG 24: New Era newcomer Colton Boxell earned his 1st pro MMA victory @ BTC 7 in Ottawa. Colton played to his strengths and used his BJJ to earn the 1st-round inverted heel hook victory. Congratulations to the mad scientist!

AUG 30-31: Taylor McClatchie competed representing Canada once again at the 2019 World Martial Arts Masterships in Chungju, Korea. Taylor took out her first opponent (in the 2nd round) after receiving a “no-show” win in the first round. Some dominant clinch knees forced the referee to stop the bout. In the finals, Taylor faced a huge competitor in Nili Block from Israel. Nili is a multiple time world champion and her last loss was against now UFC world champ, Valentina Shevchenko. Very cool moment even though Taylor came up on the losing end! Congratulations again to Taylor for adding another prestigious silver medal to her already ridiculous collection!

SEP 14: Kru Jeff will be hosting an “In The Corner” seminar that touches on all things coaching/cornering. This seminar will be very valuable for anyone who has an interest in being “in the corner” one day!

SEP 20: Professor Peter along with multiple New Era members, will be on the “ASG – All Out” card at Sala San Marco. Should be a very exciting night of BJJ superfights! Please be in attendance if possible!

SEP 21: The “Master Of The Arts” Muay Thai & Boxing show will be taking place at the Kanata Sensplex on September 21st all day! Starting @ 3pm in the afternoon, this day will include multiple New Era athletes and is just around the corner from our Kanata location! Stop by and support!

OCT 9: TKO 49 will be taking place in Montreal, QC. Mateo will be on this card and looks for his 4th victory on this massive card. Support if you can! 

NOV 15: Live at Lansdowne III invades the Aberdeen Pavilion once again! Stay tuned for plenty of details and announcements to come!

IBJJF World Masters Tournament

New Era had 4 adults competing in the IBJJF World Masters tournament in Las Vegas from August 21-24. Professor Peter started things off and fought hard to go 1-1 in his ultra-competitive division! Matthew McKay went 3-1 to earn bronze and was also promoted to brown belt on the podium from his two mentors, Peter and Filip Matos from BC. Very cool moment for Matthew! Also a congrats goes out to blue belts Bryan Lomas (2-1, 2 submissions) & Rob Willis (0-1) for competing hard and showing Las Vegas that Ottawa BJJ is no joke! Also that same week, Isaac Herbert competed in the Las Vegas Open and fought some tough match-ups having to go up weight classes and being newly promoted to blue belt! Awesome job everyone!


Amy Fong

The member of the month for August is Amy Fong. Amy attends nearly every single lunch BJJ class at our Camelot location. Amy joined New Era back in April of this year and has since re-joined forces with Professor Peter. The two of them used to train for years awhile ago and have started back up again like no time was missed! Amy is a perfect example that it is never too late to get into (or back into) training! On top of all of this, Amy is a super mom and squeezes an hour of training into her day every day! Be like super mom Amy!! 

Women’s Only BJJ Classes

For those who don’t know, we will be running Women’s Only BJJ classes on Saturdays from 11am-12pm @ our 329 March Road Kanata location. Please talk to us for more details and pricing/packages/availability!  

New Era Referral Program

For those who don’t know, we have an amazing referral program at BOTH of our 2 great locations! Bring in a referral for free gear/memberships if they sign up! How easy is that? Can’t wait to meet your family, friends, colleagues etc!


“Don’t build a weak foundation. Basics are everything!”


“Escapes, posture and defense are first priority for new BJJ students to learn, well before submissions. You must learn to walk before you can run. All those cool submissions will come once you are ready. Be patient.”