September 2019 News

The end of summer and beginning of fall are always some of the most hectic times at the gym! This September was no different! Follow along for news, updates, and more!
Please note; our App is live and scanning in is now expected from all students (excluding kids, pros, private lessons, drop-ins). Please talk to Chris if you can’t get your barcode to work!


SEP 20: Professor Peter and multiple New Era members competed on the “ASG 1 – All Out” grappling card. Professor Peter alongside Jake Geauvreau, and Mike McMillan all came out with submission victories. Panda Dave & Alex O’Neil reached the time limit without any submissions, resulting in draws. Congrats to all of the New Era BJJ team. 

SEP 28: Colton Boxell competed in a hard-fought battle in London, ON under the Prospect Fighting Championships banner (MMA). Not getting the win, but learning lots and truly toughing it out right until the end. Good work Colton.

OCTOBER: TKO 49 was scheduled to take place on October 9th, but due to complications, it has been postponed. With the show now likely to take place in late October, Mateo Vogel will have more time to fully round out his arsenal and dominate whenever the bell rings. Stay tuned!

NOV 8-10: The Muay Thai Nationals take place at the Markham Pan Am Centre from Nov 8-10. Hopefully we have a handful of fighters and we take home some medals! Talk to Kru Jeff for details on this event!

NOV 16: Another NextGen BJJ tournament is visiting Ottawa (La Cite) on November 16th. This is an amazing experience to either start competing, or to add another medal to your collection! They will have divisions for all ages, weights, and skill levels…all in the Gi and NoGi. Talk to Prof Peter for more details.


Shows 1 & 2 were the Muay Thai shows of the year! This one is going to be even better. With a fight card shaping up to be the best of the three yet, and even more sponsors on board, you will certainly not want to miss this! Tickets are available at the gyms, or through Eventbrite. Talk to one of us for details on VIP seating and the possibility of some VIP tables opening up. See you all on Friday November 15th under the bright lights of Lansdowne!


The Herbert Family

The members of the month for last September were the Quirt family, and now 1 year later, it is the Herbert family. The Herbert’s are a very special family and have been a part of our staff/student base for a long time – well before New Era emerged. All 4 of them (Mike, Jamie, Isaac, Noah) are star students who almost never miss a day of training, and are as supportive as anybody. Both Noah & Isaac are teenage prodigies in Thai Boxing & BJJ who help out with whatever is needed. Parents Mike & Jamie are tremendous role models to their 2 boys and to all those around them every day in our KinetiX and Adult programs. The Herbert Family have become a staple at our Kanata location since they left their previous gym just over a year ago and we could not be happier to have them! If you know the Herbert’s, you know the impact that the family has on those around them! Congratulations!  


Fast approaching, our FT Swiss friend will be here for a 3-hour BJJ seminar on October 19th @ New Era Kanata. Thomas’s accomplishments list is unparalleled and it is an honor to have one of the Europe’s best competition black belts visit our academy. If you were at the first seminar Thomas taught, you know that is it a can’t miss event! We will also be having lots of belt promotions during this seminar, so please be in attendance to also support your teammates & training partners. Spots will run out!


“Be patient. Everything in martial arts is earned.”


“Always assume that your opponent is going to be bigger, stronger, and faster than you; so that you learn to rely on technique, timing, and leverage, rather than brute strength” This is the base concept of BJJ told by the original pioneer.” 
– Helio Gracie