November 2019 News


NOV 8-10: The Canadian Muay Thai Nationals took place with 1 lone competitor  from New Era. Taylor McClatchie (with a broken hand) captured her 3rd straight national title with a decision victory against her lone competitor. There is not much else to say except, WOW!

NOV 15: Our 3rd edition of Live at Lansdowne was a smashing success. New Era athletes once again performed above and beyond expectations, and it was one heck of a party on Bank St. Thank you for showing your support once again!

NOV 8-10: The Muay Thai Nationals take place at the Markham Pan Am Centre from Nov 8-10. Taylor McClatchie is among notable names looking to take home gold and is also New Era’s lone competitor! Go Taylor!

NOVEMBER: A couple of BJJ tournaments took place this past month, including NextGen and 2 SAU tournaments. New Era won 3rd place in the “best team” portion of NextGen’s tournament, with many of the competitors being 1st timers. Highlighting the day was purple belt Ian Stefanison who captured gold in ALL 3 of his divisions. We also had both Professor Peter and Matt McKay capturing gold at SAU Hawkesbury in their black & brown belt divisions. This is just one of the reasons why our instructors are the best. Congratulations to all who competed in November, and we will see you all next on January 25 @ Lansdowne Park.

New Era Holiday Party 
Friday, December 20th we will be having a party at our Kanata location to ring in the holidays/new year! We will have muay thai demonstrations, a potluck, and other fun events! We will permit alcohol (cans only) for those interested. We have a sign-up sheet at the front desks for those interested in participating in Muay Thai/Boxing that night. There will likely be a small cost associated with this event, but we will keep everybody posted. Classes this night will also be cancelled at both of our locations, but stay posted for confirmation on times! 


Arash Jeyrani

The member of the month for November is Arash Jeyrani! Arash has had one of the best attendances in all classes over the month of November. Arash finds plenty of time to train while juggling his studies at UOttawa (Telfer Business School). He has recently took up BJJ along with his usual Thai Boxing regiment and hopes to compete one day. Arash has an extremely welcoming personality and brings a positive demeanor to the mats every day. He constantly strives to improve and is always asking for tidbits of information day-in and day-out. We are proud to have Arash on the New Era team, and we hope to have him for years to come! Arash is the newest recipient of our “Member of the Month” plaque! 

No-Gi Tournament
Saturday December 14th at our Kanata location is our first ever NoGi in-house tournament. On the line we have two 1-hour lessons with Professor Peter (valued at $200) to the winners of our white belt and blue/purple belt divisions (both open weight). Cost to enter is $20 and cost to attend/watch is free. Stop by and watch some awesome BJJ!


“Self discipline – nothing trumps it. Natural talent, a brilliant mind, tenacious instinct and physical giftedness are all secondary.”


 “Be patient. Getting good at BJJ takes time. Nobody becomes an expert overnight. Focus on your skills and not on belt promotions.”