December 2019 News


JAN 25: The first local BJJ tournament of the year is just around the corner. The ASG Open @ Lansdowne Park, and New Era BJJ will be in full force! Get signed up ASAP!

FEB 15: Submission Arts United (SAU) visits Hawkesbury once again on February 15th for another BJJ tournament. Time to register to take advantage of early bird pricing!

FEB 29: “Art of War 4: Muay Thai at the Museum” takes place on Feb 29th, and we will be supporting this event just like the previous Art of War shows. Follow along for more info, and see you all at the War Museum! 

*Lots of fight announcements for our athletes will be dropping in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Kru Joe Marchand-Tipping Seminar 
Our first seminar of 2020 is scheduled for Jan 18th @ our 10 Camelot Drive location. Kru Joe is a long-time training partner of Kru Jeff and is an “OG” in the Ontario Thai Boxing scene. A multiple time North American champion, with lumpinee stadium experience and 100+ fights to his name, Kru Joe brings an extensive knowledge of thai boxing. Kru Joe also owns his own academy in Statford, Ontario, called Fifth Round. This seminar will be 3 hours long, and is $65 (after Jan 7). See you all there!  


Trevor Bristow

The member of the month for December is Trevor Bristow! Trevor joined New Era exactly 1 year ago and has been a fantastic addition to our BJJ program. Trevor has been one of Professor Peter’s most dedicated white belts, and has shown some of the greatest improvements of any student during the year. Trevor competed multiple times in 2019 and is a great teammate and leader on and off the mats. Trevor has exceptional attendance and often frequents the lunchtime & evening training sessions. Congrats Trevor on this well deserved recognition, our final member of the month for 2019!

NECS Phase 3: Orleans
Our long awaited third location is just about ready to go for all those east-siders! Our anticipated January 6th opening date has been slightly postponed, but we hope to be up and running in a few weeks time! If you haven’t seen the pictures & videos online, please do so, and tell all of your friends that we are coming! The New Era takeover moves into phase 3! 
A Shot At Gold
Regan Gowing looks to solidify her spot in the North American ranks as the best <110lb Lion Fight female. Tune into CBS Sports THIS weekend for an amazing show of professional full rules muay thai. Wish Regan well as she jets to Las Vegas to conquer North American glory. We will all be watching!


“There must be logical decision making in your technical training to ensure logical decision making will transpire in the ring.”


“Try to do some extra conditioning work to keep the body strong. It can help your endurance during training and even help to reduce injuries. Give our KinetiX classes a try!”