January 2020 News


JAN 25: New Era / Terere BJJ has officially earned it’s first ever “Best Team” award. Not only did we win #1 team in the Gi, but we won #2 team in the NoGi division at last weekend’s SubX All-Out Event @ Lansdowne Park. This is a massive testament to our students (new and old), and to Professor Peter and his team of instructors. The last 2 years have been a massive showcase of how good our BJJ really is, and the time has officially come when the trophy speaks for itself. Congrats to all!

FEB 7: Capital Punishment Promotions presents “Resurrection” at Sala San Marco on Feb 7th. This Thai Boxing card will include one New Era athlete, Abdullah El-Sawy!

FEB 15: Submission Arts United (SAU) visits Hawkesbury once again on February 15th for another BJJ tournament. Time to register ASAP as there are only a few days left to do so!

FEB 29: “Art of War 4: Muay Thai at the Museum” will be another phenomenal display of live thai boxing at the War Museum. Marcel Nguyen is set to fight from New Era so don’t miss it!


JAN 25: The first local BJJ tournament of the year is just around the corner. The ASG Open @ Lansdowne Park, and New Era BJJ will be in full force! Get signed up ASAP!

FEB 15: Submission Arts United (SAU) visits Hawkesbury once again on February 15th for another BJJ tournament. Time to register to take advantage of early bird pricing!

FEB 29: “Art of War 4: Muay Thai at the Museum” takes place on Feb 29th, and we will be supporting this event just like the previous Art of War shows. Follow along for more info, and see you all at the War Museum! 

*Lots of fight announcements for our athletes will be dropping in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

BTC 9: Rampage
Mateo’s long awaited return to the cage will take place February 29th after a 9 month break. To say Mateo will be hungry for a victory is an understatement. This ‘BTC’ event will take place in Kitchener, Ontario, and we are hoping to bring a crew of people down to support. Mateo will face a 4-0 opponent who has 3 KO/TKO victories to his name. This card is stacked with former UFC talent, and showcases the up-and-comers in Canadian MMA.


Greg Dods

The member of the month for January is Greg Dods! Greg has been with New Era since late 2018 and has been one of the most helpful, and hardworking members to date. Greg always goes above and beyond to help out a new student, staff member, or child. Greg is also an active competitor who has fought on our last 2 Live at Lansdowne shows. Greg has brought his mom (Leslie) and niece (Evie) to New Era to spread his love & passion for martial arts & sport. They are both amazing members. Greg also trains BJJ and participates in our KinetiX class when he has the time. He is one of very few students who complete the “full slate” of evening classes (5:30pm-9:15pm) at our Camelot location. When Greg is not training martial arts, helping out in our kids program, or showing a new student around the gym, he is busy running marathons. He is the epitome of fitness & health! Congrats to Greg on this very well deserved honor of New Era’s Member of the Month.

Dekada Fight Night
“The Mantis” Matar Lo visits Calgary, Alberta on February 15th to face-off in the co-main event of Dekada Fight Night! Matar looks to defeat Abdou Hadad who is a hometown fighter with lots of experience (including a fight against the legendary Saenchai). Calgary is in for one amazing show, as every time Matar steps in the ring/octagon there is a knockout! This will be a professional K-1 bout in the featherweight division!


“To fight is to be vulnerable. To walk the razor edge line where on one side is joy and and the other pain and failure. One split second divides victory and defeat. To walk the line is to live though, so why not try?”


“A major key to success in BJJ is persistence through failure. Your failure forges your mind, body and soul to overcome anything.”