June 2018 News

June was the beginning of New Era’s 2nd chapter. Just 7 short months after opening our first location in Nepean, we have already expanded! Hopefully everyone has had a chance to see the gym in Kanata and even try out a class or two! Remember, your membership includes access to both spots. The Kanata location is booming already with 25+ members! We had a successful grand opening on June 15th with a BBQ and some free training sessions. Thank you to everyone who came out to make that day special!


New Era Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu competitors had a yet another busy month in June with over a dozen of them putting their skills to the test at a high amateur level. Competing in Muay Thai in June we had Joey Dubeau, Kolby Brindle, Yuki Yamanaka, Dylan Tanguay, Roshan Musa, Karl Jakel, and Mirza Hopovac. All great learning experiences for some of the newer fighters and more impressive performances from our crafty veteran fighters. Congrats to all for stepping in the ring.

JUNE 23: Canadian National Jiu-Jitsu Championships. With 10 New Era participants, including a star-studded lineup of 3 staff members (Peter, Mateo, Matt), TKO star Matar Lo, and BJJ/Judo prodigy, JJ Potvin, our team walked away with 8 medals. Congrats to all New Era barbarians who continuously impress on the mats.

JULY 20: Ontario Muay Thai Provincial Championships which take place in Etobicoke, Ontario. There will be a brigade of New Era competitors and we look forward to prepping for this during the month of July. Speak with Kru Jeff if you are interested in details.

JULY 21: NextGen Jiu-Jitsu event at Ryerson U. Talk to Professor Peter for more information. This will surely be another event where New Era brings home some hardware.


The summer is the perfect time to train! We currently have 2 summer membership promotions for any of your friends or work colleagues that have shown interest. Our first promotion includes 1-month of unlimited lunchtime classes for $59! Look for the hashtag #lunchtimepunchtime on social media and spread the word. The other promotion we have is a Summer Student Membership. $220 for unlimited training for the rest of the summer (until Labor Day).


James Sovie

James Sovie

The member of the month for June is James Sovie. James has been one of Professor Peter’s most dedicated students since day 1. James just received his 2nd stripe on his white belt and shows no signs of slowing down. As well as training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, James frequents the KinetiX class as well as bringing his 2 daughters in for some of our amazing junior team classes. Congratulations James!

after school program


We are in the process of collecting final weigh-ins from our beach body edition of the 10-week fight camps. We are hoping to write a cheque to SafePet Ottawa by next week at the latest. If you signed up for the fight camp and have money to donate (pounds lost) please let Chris know in Nepean. You can also email your results at info@neweracombat.com. Let’s show Ottawa how hard we have worked the past few months by writing a big cheque to a very worthy cause!


“Step by step walk the thousand-mile road” – Miyamoto Musashi.

“Fear not the man who trains ten thousand techniques once, but fear the man who trained one technique ten thousand times.”