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MMA Mixed Martial Arts training program New Era Combat Sports Ottawa

New Era Kinetix

Unlock your human potential with our powerful, high intensity workout routines that will have you feeling great and walking tall.

Our programs focus on proper warm-up and kinetic function, strength movements performed with safety, and high-intensity metabolic conditioning routines— great for everyone, from the newcomer seeking weight loss or body toning, to professional athletes.

Mastering exercises, techniques and your own willpower will result in an empowered and more confident you!

This system of training has been shaped over two decades of researching sport science and using a trial and error method to only use what is proven to work. Our New Era Kinetix fitness class offers the perfect workout — and those who begin, never look back! You will become the BEST version of YOU in these classes, guaranteed!

MMA Mixed Martial Arts training program New Era Combat Sports Ottawa

New Era Personal Training

We employ a number of qualified and certified personal trainers just waiting to work with you.

Our packages are very reasonably priced, and the specialist we have available on-site will take you where you need to go in your journey. Let us guide you to your fitness, weight loss, sport-specific conditioning, or martial arts goals.

Inquire through our Contact page and set up your free consultation with one of our certified personal training professionals.


richard piper fitness instructor & personal trainer

History & Credentials

Richard can be found running our KinetiX classes 4-5 times per week or working with his personal clients. Rich has a vast knowledge of the human body and has years of experience in the world of martial arts, sport, and nutrition/dieting. Richard has taught fitness & martial arts for 10+ years and brings a very calming and sophisticated presence to the team. Richard’s martial arts background makes him the perfect suitor for someone looking to take their game to the next level through strength & conditioning workouts that actually work for martial arts. Rich specializes in functional fitness, mobility, flexibility, and weight loss. If you are looking to find a judgement free personal trainer, with personal experiences to back it up, Richard is your guy.

Highlights & Accolades

  • Honours Degree from Everest College – Health Fitness & Nutritional Consulting
  • Lost over 140lbs (from 320lbs to 180lbs)
  • Certified in First Aid & CPR
  • BJJ Purple Belt Competitor
  • Traditional Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

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