New Era Muay Thai by Kru Jeff Harrison

The science of eight limbs. The national sport of Thailand. The king of the stand up arts.
Train your mind and your body.
This Muay Thai system produces champions, in and out of the ring.

New Era combat sports muay thai technique class

The Body: Muay Thai Strong

Muay Thai is known for being one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet. New Era Combat Sports has adapted the authentic training techniques used in Thailand and all over the world to create elite professionals — and adjusted them for you.

This class is as challenging as you decide to make it, and will focus on your personal improvement in all aspects of Thai Boxing. Warm up, Thai pad work with correct technique, and challenging, cutting-edge body weight exercises will have you feeling like a champ!

Bring water and a towel and enter the New Era of your physical well being!

New Era combat sports muay thai technique class

The Mind: Technique & Drilling

Repetition is the father of learning. When you learn a new skill it must be practiced! Enter Technique and Drilling: a curriculum-based system of not only sharing information, but ensuring its applicability through diligent practice.

This partner-based class is a great work out with emphasis on the growth of the student’s mental and technical tools.

Boxing, kicks, knees, elbows, proper defence and clinching techniques are taught to all levels of this program.

New Era Combat Sports Boxing Class punching technique drilling

The Hands: Boxing

Taught twice a week in order to refine our students’ understanding of the “sweet science,” our system is derived from the knowledge of professional World Champions.

Punches, combinations and interactive drilling is the focus of this incredible class.

New Era combat sports muay thai advanced drilling class

The Progression: Advanced Drilling & Sparring

Once you master the basics, you will be eligible to enter our Advanced Program. Live drills will build a deeper comprehension and sensitivity that will take your Muay Thai power through the roof!

Ring-proven defensive techniques and powerful clinching tools will be added to your game.

This program provides more experienced practitioners of the sport with new material and also serves as a gateway to our world class Competitive Program.

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