New Era Brazilian Jiu Jitsu By Professor Peter Fazekas

Human Chess. The most effective grappling style on the planet.

A never ending journey towards perfecting oneself. 

Train the mind. Train the body. Fuel the fire.

This Brazilian Jiu Jistu program is where tradition meets progression.

New Era combat sports Ottawa Brazilian jiu jitsu class technique drilling

The Mind: Technique & Drilling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is famous for its “technique over power” philosophy. Our New Era team will make sure you have sound fundamentals in all aspects of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission wrestling.

You will learn takedowns, positional details and submissions that will prove valuable regardless of the reason for your training— be it recreation, self defence or competition.

New Era combat sports Ottawa Brazilian jiu jitsu class training

The Body: Live Training

After the instructor gives you the invite, you will be eligible for our Rolling Classes. This is where you get to do live “sparring” with your teammates and gain the grappling experience necessary to be a sensitive and aware Jiu-Jitsu practitioner or Submission wrestler.

This in itself is an incredible workout that will leave you forgetting about the traditional gym and wondering when the next Rolling class is!

New Era combat sports Ottawa Brazilian jiu jitsu class competitive team training

The Fire: New Era Competitive Team

For those wishing for a more intense grappling experience, we will be offering a training-based program during the day and in the evenings for our New Era competitors.

Advanced wrestling, advanced grips, and scenario-based drilling with fellow serious training partners will prepare you with a cutting edge during BJJ and MMA competition.

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